About Us

“Discovering the historical person of Jesus of Nazareth.”

That is the mission of this website, and we hope that we can help you to experience.

If you spend much time in church, in a library, online or on youtube, you probably heard about Jesus Christ.

Well, so have I.

In my experience, and maybe yours, the emphasis seems to always be on Christ, not Jesus.

What I mean is the God side of the strange blend of God/Man. Or as some refer to as the Post Resurrection Jesus.

This is all great, but what has caught my attention is not the exalted Lord, but the carpenter who lived and died in a distant land, a long time ago.

A carpenter turned preacher who changed the world.

I am not sure what exactly brought me to this obsession.

But possibly it all started with a YouTube Video of Bart Ehrman. Say what you want of the man, but he open my mind to the idea that Jesus was a historical figure.

Not the Sunday school person of the Bible but someone who faced life as a real, breathing person. A person of history the same as George Washington, Ceasar Augustus or Martin Luther King Jr. or your next-door neighbour.

Someone we can study and try to understand in his context. Wrestle with the information we have about them to better understand the life they lived. But most of all, understand them as another “one of us.” Human beings trying to live a life of value.

Trying to look at the events, people, and places of Jesus’s life, not looking back with all the “rest of the story” that we have now. But looking forward, trying to see what he saw, felt and knew.

Now that is a tall order.

Probably too tall for one website, or even as John says, “all the books in the world” (John 21:25).

But fun nonetheless to give her a try. To see what we can learn together about this man they called Jesus.

Now to be fair.

There are many scholarly books, websites, and documentaries that draw on years of research and high academic learning. They string-together 5 dollar words packed with so much meaning that it would take an entire book to explain.

Which are fine and dandy if that is your thing.

But that is not me, and one shouldn’t have to get a Ph.D. Just to learn about another man’s experience. Even if that man is Jesus.

So as much as possible, we are going to keep it simple here.

Not that we are not going to draw from these men and women who have spent their lives learning about Jesus. No, we will. But we will try to use the words of tradespeople.

Of the common folk who he shared life with.

Speaking the great truths without the GREAT words.

If that all sounds good to you.

Welcome aboard.

Take a poke around. See if there is something of value in this messy shop. Something that a carpenter could turn into something of value.