Events in Jesus’s Life

How one faces challenges, wins, and losses can tell a lot about a person.

Jesus’ life is no different.

Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

John 21:25

Well, everything was not written down, but what we have is often recorded from multiple perspectives. Which is great for adding depth to the story but makes “knowing” exactly what happened a little more tricky.

This is a reference to the events of Jesus’s life as recorded. Both what the multiple witness share in the story and where they differ.

Now I was not there. And men and women much smarter than me have done much more work in arranging the life of Jesus.

Here, we are going to loosely follow A Harmony of the Words and Works of Jesus Christ by J. Dwight Pentecost as our guide. But there are many such harmonies, which may arrange things slightly differently, which could also be valid.

Birth and Childhood of Jesus

To be upfront, this part of Jesus’s life is the second most debated time of Jesus’s life by historians. But it’s in 2 of our more “trusted” sources (Matthew & Luke), so I feel it would be wrong to neglect it.

Besides, we all have to be born. Regardless of what that looks like.

Baptism and Early Ministry of Jesus

The big reveal, or something like that.

This is where the life of Jesus takes a big turn. I would go as far as to say history-changing moment. At least in Jesus’s life. Without him meeting John the Baptist, I don’t think we would ever read about him.

By meeting John the Baptist, Jesus’s life suddenly changes from the mundane that we can expect of some ancient lower-class individual to something noteworthy. No offence to the millions of peasants who lived in the middle east, but you get my point.

  • Jesus’s baptism (Matt.3:3-17, Mark 1:9-11, Lk.3:21-23)
  • Temptation of Jesus (Matt.4:1-11, Mk.1:12-13, Lk.4:1-13)
  • Calling of first Disciples (Jn.1:35-51)
  • Water to Wine, Jesus’ first miracle (Jn2:1-11)

Interesting side point. Among historians, Jesus’s baptism is one of the events that is almost universally accepted as a historical fact. Being one of the events that we can know for sure actually happen in happen. With little debate.

Galilean Ministry of Jesus

  • The arrest of Jesus’s mentor (John the Baptist)and moving back to Galilee (Matt.4:12-17, Mk.1:14-15, Lk.3:19-20, Jn.4:1-4)
  • Calling of Peter, Andrew, John and James but the sea of Galilee (Matt.4:18-22, Mk.:16-20, Lk 5:1-11)
  • Synagogue Excercism in Capernaum (Mk.1:21-28, Lk.4:31-37)
  • Jesus heals Peter’s Mother-in-law (Matt.8:14-17, Mk1:19-34, Lk.4:38-41)
  • Jesus’s Ministry starts to gain traction (Matt.4:23-25, Mk.1:35-39, Lk.4:42-44)
  • Jesus heals a man with leprosy (Matt.8:2-4, Mk.1:40-45, Lk.5:12-16)
  • Jesus heals a paralytic and forgives his sin (Matt.9:1-8, Mk.2:1-12, Lk.5:17-26)
  • Calling of Matthew the tax collector (Matt.9:9-13, Mk.2:13-17, Lk.5:27-32)
  • Jesus heals a man with a withered hand (Matt.12:9-14, Mk.3:1-6, Lk.6:6-11)
  • Jesus designates 12 (Mk.3:3-19, Lk.6:12-16)
  • Jesus heals the servant of a Centurion (Matt.8:5-13, Lk.7:1-10)
  • Jesus heals a widow’s dead son (Lk.7:11-17)
  • Jesus expands his ministry by sending out the 12 (Matt.9:35-11:1, Mk.6:6-13, Lk.9.1-6)
  • Inquiry of John the Baptist (Matt.11:2-19, Lk.7:18-35)
  • Jesus has dinner at a Pharisee’s home with an unexpected guest (Lk.736-50)
  • Jesus’ family tries to intervene in his life and ministry (Matt.12:46-50, Mk.3:20-21,31-35, Lk.8:19-21))
  • Jesus calms the storm (Matt.8:18-27, Mk.4:35-41, Lk.8:22-25)
  • Jesus exorcism of a man at Geresenes (Matt.8:28-34, Mk.5:1-20, Lk.8:26-39)
  • Jesus heals Jairus’s daughter from death(Matt.9:18-26, Mk.5:21-43, Lk.8:40-56)
  • Jesus heals a woman from leading (Matt.9:20-22, Mk.5:24-34, Lk.8:42-48)
  • Jesus heals 2 blind men (Matt.9:27-34)
  • Jesus’ hometown rejects him (Matt.13:54-58, Mk.6:1-6)
  • Jesus responds to his mentor’s (John the Baptist) death (Matt.14:1-12, Mk.6:14-29, Lk.9:7-9)
  • Feeding of the 5 000+ (Matt.14:13-23, Mk.6:30-46, Lk.9:10-17, Jn.6:1-15)
  • Jesus calms a storm (Matt.14:24-33, Mk.6:47-52, Jn.6:16-21)
  • Jesus arriving in Gennesaret (Matt.14:34-36, Mk.6:53-56)
  • Jesus exorcises a demon from a Canadian girl in Tyre and Sidon(Matt.15:21-28, Mk.7:24-30)
  • Jesus feeds the 4 000+in Decapolis (Matt.15:29-38, Mk.7:31-8:9)
  • Peter confesses Jesus to being the Christ (Mt.16:13-20, Mk.8:27-30, Lk.9:18-21)
  • Transfiguration of Jesus (Matt.17:1-8, Mk.9:2-8, Lk.9:28-36)
  • Exorcising a demon from a boy that his disciples couldn’t (Matt.17:12-21, Mk.9:14-29, Lk.9:37-43)
  • Peter catches a fish to pay Jesus’s tax (Matt.17:24-27)
  • Rejected in Samaritan village en route to Jerusalem (Lk.9:51-56)
  • Jesus sends out 72 to advance his ministry (Lk.10:1-24)
  • Jesus at Martha and Mary’s house (Lk:38-42)
  • Jesus exorcised a demon that caused a man to be mute (Lk.11:14-36)
  • Jesus having supper with a Pharisee with dirty hands (Lk.11:37-54)
  • Jesus heals a cripple woman in a synagogue on the sabbath (Lk.13:10-17)
  • Jesus heals a man with dropsy at a Pharisee’s house (Lk.14:1-24)
  • Jesus heals 10 men with leprosy (Lk.17:11-19)
  • Jesus blesses little children (Matt.19:13-15, Mk.10:13-16, Lk.18:15-17)
  • Jesus predicts his death in Jerusalem (Matt.20:17-19, Mk.10:32-34, Lk.18:31-34)
  • James and John ask for a special position in Jesus’s kingdom ((Matt.20:20-28, Mk.10:35-45)

Jesus’s Ministry in Judea

  • Jesus heals a paralytic in Jerusalem (Jn.5:1-47)
  • Jesus heals a blind man (Jn.9:1-41)
  • Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead (Jn11:1-44)
  • Jesus heals blindness at Jericho (Matt.20:29-34, Mk.10:46-52, Lk.18:35-43)
  • Jesus meets Zacchaeus (Lk.19:1-10)
  • Jesus sought by some Greeks (Jn.12:20-50)

Trial and Death of Jesus

  • Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (Matt.21:1-17, Mk.11:1-11, Lk.19:29-44, Jn.11:55-12:19)
  • A bad day, Cursing a fig tree and Cleansing the temple (Matt.21:12-21, Mk.11:12-18, Lk.19:45-48, Jn.2:13-25)
  • Explaining the wilted fig tree (Matt.21:20-22, Mk.11:19-25, Lk.21:37-38)
  • Anointed in Bethany (Matt.26:6-13, Mk.14:3-9, Jn.12:2-8)
  • Judas aggress to hand Jesus over to the authorities (Matt.26:14-16, Mk.14:10-11, Lk.22:3-6)
  • Preparation for the Passover meal (Last Supper) (Matt.26:17-19, Mk.14:12-16, Lk.22:7-13)
  • Jesus serves his disciples one last time (washing of feet) (Jn.13:1-20)
  • Reclining at the table (Matt.26:20, Mk.14:17, Lk.22:14-16,24-30)
  • Predicting that Judas is going to betray him (Matt.26:21-25, Mk.14:18-21, Lk.22:21-23, Jn.13:21-30)
  • Predicting Peter’s denial (Matt.26:31-35, Mk.14:27-31, Lk.22:31-38, Jn.13:37,38)
  • Creating a memorial from the wine and bread (Matt.26:26-30, Mk.14:22-26, Lk.22:17-20)
  • Praying in the Garden (Matt.26:36-46, Mk.14:32-42, Lk.22:39-46, Jn.18:1)
  • Jesus betrayed and arrested (Matt.26:47-56, Mk.14:43-52, Lk.22:47-53, Jn.18:2-12)
  • Examination before Annas and Caiaphas, the high priest (Matt.26:57-68, Mk.14:53-65, Lk.22:54, 63-65, 65Jn.18:12-14, 19-24)
  • Denial by Peter (Matt.26:58,69-75, Mk.14:54, 66-72, Lk.22:54-62, Jn.18:15-18, 25-27)
  • Sentence by the Sanhedrin (Matt.27:1, Mk.15:1, Lk.22:66-71)
  • Judas, overwhelmed by guilt (Matt.27:3-10)
  • Trial before Pilate (Matt.27:2, 11-14, Mk.15:1-5, Lk.23:1-5, Jn.18:28-38)
  • Trial before Herod (Lk.23:6-12)
  • Second trial before Pilate and releasing of Barabbas (Matt.27:15-26, Mk.15:6-15, Lk.23:13-25, Jn.18:39-19:16)
  • Jesus mocked by the soldiers (Matt.27:27-30, Mk.15:16-19, Jn.19:2-3)
  • Moving from trial to execution (Matt.27:31-34, Mk.15:20-23, Lk.23:26-33, Jn.19:16-17)
  • First 3 hours of crucifixion (Matt.27:35-44, Mk.15:24-32, Lk.23:34-43, Jn.19:18-27)
  • Last 3 hours of crucifixion and death (Matt.27:45-50, Mk.15:33-37, Lk.23:44-46, Jn.19:28-30)
  • Signs accompanying Jesus’s death (Matt.27:51-56, Mk.15:38-41, Lk.23:45-49)
  • Burial of Jesus (Matt.27:57-61, Mk.15:42-47, Lk.23:50-56, Jn.19:31-42)
  • Sealed tomb (Matt.27:62-66)

Post-Death Stories about Jesus

The whole Christian faith is based on the event of Jesus rising from the dead.

Ironically we don’t have many stories of what he did post-resurrection.

But from Acts, we gather that Jesus made appearances for around 40 days after his death.

  • Discovery of empty tomb (Matt.28:1-8, Mk.16:1-8, Lk.24:1-8, Jn.20:1)
  • Reporting to the apostle of an empty tomb (Lk.24:9-12, Jn.20:2-10)
  • Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene (Mk.16:9-11, Jn.20:11-18)
  • Jesus appears to the women (Matt.28:9-10)
  • Tomb guards report to the High Priest (Matt.28:11-15)
  • Jesus appears to 2 travellers to Emmaus (Mk.16:12-13, Lk.24:13-35)
  • Jesus appears to the apostles (Mk.16:14, Lk.24:36-43, Jn.20:19-25)
  • Jesus appears again to the apostles (Jn.20:26-31)
  • Jesus reaffirms Peter (Jn.21:1-25)
  • Jesus ascends to heaven (Matt.28:16-20, Mk.16:15-20, Lk.24:44-53)
  • Jesus appears to Peter, James, Paul and 500 others (1 Cor.15:3-8)