Joseph finds Out Mary is Pregnant with Jesus.

Joseph dreams about Mary's Pregnancy

Joseph’s dream about pregnant Mary, the conception of Jesus, and their marriage is an event that marks the start of an incredible life.

Summary of Matthew 1:18-25

Joseph, a good man who was engaged to Mary, found out that his future wife was pregnant.

He didn’t want to expose her to public disgrace and was thinking of divorcing her and ending the engagement quietly, protecting both his and Mary’s honour as much as possible.

But Joseph then had a dream, in which an angel of God told Joseph to take Mary as his wife because the conception was from the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, he revealed the gender of Mary’s child, a son.

A son who should be given a name of significance. Jesus.

A Hellenistic version (Greek) of the In Hebrew, “Yeshua,” which means “God saves” or “salvation of God”.

Reflecting the life that this new life was to live.

A purpose which Matthew ascribes to a prophecy of Isaiah given hundreds of years earlier the purpose of the child’s life.

Joseph was obedient to the dream and married Mary despite her being pregnant with a child that was not his own.

Taking Mary as his wife but not having sex with her until she gave birth to a son. A son whom they named Jesus as Joseph was told to do in his dream.

Key Things We Learn about the Life of Jesus

It’s amazing when a life starts incredible, from the start. With Jesus, this is not just at birth but 9 months before. At his conception.

This story leaves us with many patterns and hints of what his life will be like. Along with key people that will mould and form him into the man that he will become.

  • Character and Attitude of Joseph
  • Character of Jesus’ Mother Mary
  • Marriage and Divorce in his time
  • Families’ View of the SuperNatural
  • His Name, His Life Purpose
  • The role of Scripture (prophecy) in his Life

Character and Attitude of Jesus’ Father Joseph

Joseph, the husband of Mary, was an upright and faithful man who lived an honourable life.

Even in difficult circumstances, he strove to make the best of it.

He could have sought to exonerate himself but rather sought to minimize damage.

He was open to the supernatural. Obedient to an angel in his dream.

Even without fully understanding the plan of God, trying hard not to get in the way of God’s plan.

Character of Jesus’ Mother Mary

Mary, engaged but not fully married to Joseph, was a woman of great character and virtue.

We do not learn a lot about her character in this short story except for her sexual purity.

That she was a virgin. That she had not had sex outside of marriage, and even once married, she to did not have sex till Jesus was born.

Not wanting to damage the plan of God in any way.

But there is so much more to learn about Jesus’ mother. Mary’s life play a huge role in his conception, birth, childhood, adult life and even his death.

Families’ View of the SuperNatural

Jesus’ family was devoutly religious and were open to the supernatural in their life.

This is demonstrated by Joseph’s acceptance of his dream. Obeyin the angel and making a significant life decision based on a dream.

A dream that he accepted as from God.

Waking from his unconscious state and marrying Mary despite the facts to the contrary.

The role of the supernatural will continue to play a role in the young life of Jesus. And ultimately in his adult life.

His Name, His Life Purpose

The name Jesus is derived from the Hebrew Joshua, meaning “the Lord saves.”

Joseph was told to give Mary’s son this name because it signified his mission in life – to save His people from sin.

The name Jesus was also a great bridge between significant cultures in Jesus’ life, Jewish and Greek. Referring to a hero of their faith but spoken in the language of his highly influenced Hellenistic culture.

God saving will forever impact Jesus. He will soon go about serving to bring salvation to his people, the Jews and possibility all humanity.

The name Immanuel, “God with us” has become a central belief in the Christian faith.

That God became part of humanity through Jesus. That the chasm that separated people from God has been removed in the person of Jesus.

By God coming down to our level. Joining our team.

This theme will also be played out in Jesus’ life, both in his actions. But even more in his words as he speaks of the “kingdom of God” coming.

Scripture (Prophecy) in the Life of Jesus

Jesus’ familiarity with the Jewish spiritual righting becomes clear through his teaching. Often quoting scripture or alluding to principles found in them. Takin his own take on them, transforming or affirming them.

Jesus’ faith community and their sacred writing moulded his life.

Matthew goes even further, quoting scripture prophecy that he believes Jesus fulfilled by his life. that the events of Jesus’ life are not just coincidences but planned, predicted events.