People in Jesus’ Life

If life is about the people, we meet and know. Then we have lots to learn about Jesus through the company he kept.

Then as now, there are people we love, hate, and we never met but impact our lives.

Here is a reference to significant people in Jesus’s life.

In hope that we can get to know who he was a little better through the people who impacted him.

Jesus’ Family

It’s hard to talk about someone without thinking about their family.

Families play an oversized role in forming and moulding us.

I can’t see why the same would not be for Jesus. For he to had parents, siblings and relatives who played a key role in his life. Both in childhood and his adult life. Both positive and negative.

Below is a list of key family members with links to their fuller bios.

Jesus’ Apostles

There are 4 key sources where we have a list of 12 specially appointed men of Jesus.

  • Matthew 10:2-4
  • Mark 3:13-19
  • Luke 6:12-16
  • Acts 1:13 (Missing Judas the Iscariot)

Along with many times in the gospel in which Jesus calls or teaches the “twelve.” Showing these many are unique in Jesus’ life and special to his mission.

Jesus’ inner circle, Peter, James and John, are always prominent in the list, right near the top. With Jesus’ betrayer Judus the Iscariot a the end.

The remaining 8 are consistent in all 4 lists except for Thaddeus, who it appears that Luke in both the gospel and Acts refers to him as Judas, son of James.

Along with the apostles’ “official” names, they are often known by”nicknames” or more descriptive phrases. We will include those in (brackets) to help connect them.

  • Peter (Simeon bar Jona/Simon son of Jona, Cepahs, Simon)
  • James, son of Zebedee (Boanerges/Son of Thurnder)
  • John (Boanerges/Son of Thunder, The Beloved Disciple)
  • Andrew (Protokletos/First Called)
  • Philip
  • Bartholomew (Nathanael?)
  • Matthew (Levi, Son of Alphaeus)
  • Thomas (Didymus, Judus Thomas)
  • James, son of Alphaeus (James the younger, James the less)
  • Thaddaeus (Jude, Judas, the son of James, Lebbaeus)
  • Simon the Zealot (the Cananaean, the Canaanite)
  • Judas Iscariot (Judas, the son of Simon)

Politicians In Jesus’ Life

All societies have rulers, those who seek to lead and rule us.

In Jesus’ time, it was no different. Like us, these individuals are loved and hated, but they all impact our lives.

Here are a few key politicians in Jesus’ life that did exactly that.